Welcome to Apartamentos Ciudad de Orduña

We are a local family-owned company that runs 6 cozy new built apartments located in Foru Plaza, the heart of the city.

We want to make known our wonderful natural environment located at the foot of the Saved Mountain range. You can know, visit and enjoy different routes such as the Salto del Nervión situated in the natural park of Monte Santiago, Pico Fraile, Txarlazo, Bedarbide and Tologorri.

In addition, we wanted to inspire each of our apartments in the natural surroundings described above.

You will also be able to stroll through our historic quarter where you can visit the walls, the palaces and enjoy the good atmosphere of bars, taste delicious pintxos accompanied by a good txakoli of the city, among many other leisure activities.

We invite you to get to know us!

Images loaned by the Bar Café-Pub Sortetxe.