Orduña is the only Vizcaína locality with the title of city, which had great importance from its foundation by its strategic enclave for the commerce between Castile and Europe being proof of it the building of the customs nowadays turned into spa. Its medieval quarter (the largest in Vizcaya) was declared a historic and monumental site in 1997.

If you visit us you will be able to enjoy in Orduña and its surroundings, the view of the highest vertical waterfall of the peninsula from its flying balcony, located in the natural park of Mount Santiago.

In the Txarlazo you can contemplate the monument of 25m. of height built in concrete, which represents the image of the Virgin of Ancient on the top of a tree. Our Lady that you can also visit in the sanctuary of La Antigua de Orduña, located at the foot of the Txarlazo.

If you want to know the Orduña Valley from the air, you have the possibility to enjoy a balloon or tandem paragliding flight.

One of the main sectors of Orduña is agriculture – livestock, so you can visit the various types of farms that exist: cheese, txakoli winery, jam, snails, Basque cake, etc. and acquire the diversity of local product that exists in the valley.

A short distance from Orduña is Bilbao, with the Guggenheim Museum as its emblem.

A short distance away is also the famous region of Rioja Alavesa where you can enjoy all the wine culture visiting its villages and wineries.


¿Qué visitar en Orduña y alrededores?


What activities to do in Orduña and surroundings?


  • Easter great tradition of processions.
  • Patron Saint’s Day Otxomaio (from 8 to 15 May).
  • San Juan Fair (Last Sunday in June).
  • Coronation of the virgin (first Sunday in September).